We help separated parents co-parent effectively, minimising stress and maximising freedom, so you can co-parent with relaxed confidence, focused on enjoying your children and building your new life.

Let me introduce myself...

I’m Tiffany Rochester, Founding CEO of Co-Parenting Companion and your Co-Parenting Coach.

I have always worked at the difficult end of complex family dynamics, focusing on long-term thriving after hardship. In my early career, I resourced families with children in the juvenile justice system. These families were some of my best early teachers, as I saw how hard they worked to provide nurturing environments for their children. Yet, they were battling against service providers who judged them unfairly. They had never been offered the chance to learn efficient skills for conflict resolution, how to set and hold healthy boundaries, or how to live in alignment with their own values around love, compassion and kindness when life was so challenging.

Throughout my career, I have focussed on assisting parents in walking some of the toughest parenting journeys, chief among them being separated parents. It’s horrifying how many families have lost years of their lives and thousands of dollars trying to resolve conflict through the strong arm of the law. The legal process serves a function, but it should never have been the primary pathway for families in transition. Instead, co-parents need resourcing in building their new co-parenting toolkit, including communication tools and strategies to help them co-parent collaboratively with calm confidence. Instead, they’ve been left to fight over black-and-white words in a legal document with the threat of more battles forever hanging over their heads.

Too many times, I had parents say to me,

“I wish I’d met you right at the start.

I could have saved so much time and money.

We wouldn’t be here now.”

Our Mission

That’s why I founded Co-Parenting Companion: to support and resource separated parents right from the outset to establish healthy boundaries, clear communication, and take out all the guesswork of how to make separated co-parenting an easy success!

Ending an unhealthy relationship can be a Good News story, both for parents and children.

Life is short. Relationships end for great reasons. I am passionate about resourcing co-parents to open up to the next chapter of building one family across two homes, where children are secure in their warm connection to both parents and their extended families.

Let me tell you about my “Why”

I enjoy being mum to my two teenage sons. There is no more tremendous privilege than this for me. They are my definite “why” behind all of the work that I do.

My boys have certainty about their place in our family, their relationship with each parent, and their connection to our extended family. With this sense of assuredness, I see the natural advantage they have as they go about their day-to-day teenage tasks of going to school, catching up with friends, and doing extra-curricular activities. There is a burden they don’t have to carry, which frees them to grow up slowly, work out their identities in developmentally appropriate ways, eat good food and sleep well each night.

It’s the same safety my own parents were able to provide for me.

I see what my children have, and I want that for all children. I know how fortunate I am, and I want that for all parents.

The very same research and skills I use in my Coaching work are the same ones I apply in my home, and I want to make that accessible to all parents. It’s too good, too precious not to share.

What our Clients Say

The families we serve

Does this sound like you?

  • You love your kids with all your heart (of course you do).
  • You are ready to take the hard work out of co-parenting your children across two homes (even if your co-parent isn’t on the same page as you yet).
  • You'd love more time, freedom, and financial ease in your co-parenting journey.

Then you have found your village! You are in the right place.

We serve parents genuinely committed to effective co-parenting.

Our tailored programmes offer coping strategies, communication tools, and practical shortcuts to prevent conflict and promote rapid resolutions.

Our community is for co-parents focussed on collaboration over conflict, stepping away from any adversarial or litigious process, and raising healthy, resilient kids.

To achieve our mission, we have a strong team.


Client Care Coordinator

Our Client Care Coordinator, Rosie, is your first point of contact. She understands the complexities of co-parenting and is dedicated to ensuring your journey with us is smooth and meaningful.


Chief of Operations and Technology

Cameron oversees the technical and operational aspects of Co-Parenting Companion. His expertise ensures that your experience with us, from your first click to your last session, is seamless and secure. Given the large amount of online materials and resources, this is an essential part of your client journey with us.

Co-Parenting Companion respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We pay respect to Elders past and present. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this land. They never gave up sovereignty and remain strong in their connection to place and culture.

Co-Parenting Companion provides a safe and affirming space for people of all cultures, genders, sexualities and neurotypes.

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